About Biolife

Biolife, L.L.C. is a privately owned company, founded in 1999 by Jim Reding, Charlie
Entenmann, John “Alf” Thompson and James Patterson, Ph.D and is headquartered in
Sarasota, Florida.  In 2005, Biolife was recognized as the Florida Entrepreneurial Company
of the Year.

Biolife’s Vision, Mission and Values

Biolife’s vision is to contribute to the universal greater good by providing products that
save lives and reduce pain and suffering.

Biolife’s mission is to develop and market products that improve our consumer’s
quality of life.

Biolife’s values guide us in fulfilling our mission.  Each of us strives to:

• Maintain a
cutomer focus - both internal and external

• B
e process oriented - use analysis of data to continuously improve

• M
aintain integrity in everything we do

• R
espect one another

• Enjoy ourselves

The Technology

Biolife has patented a breakthrough topical powder that forms a seal over a bleeding wound
or an access site.  The powder stops bleeding and allows "nothing in and nothing out" of a

The original technology was developed in a lab by Thompson and Patterson by accident. They
were testing the potassium iron oxyacid salt for other purposes when Patterson cut his hand
and the powder came into contact with the cut. He was on blood thinners and the cut was
fairly deep, so he figured a trip to the emergency room was inevitable. Patterson was shocked
when the powder mixed with the blood and formed an instant scab that stopped the bleeding.
All that was known at the time was that the powder stopped bleeding very quickly regardless
of one’s ability to clot naturally.

That discovery was just the beginning. Since then, Biolife, L.L.C. has taken the product from
conception to commercialization and continues to test the product to develop new and
improved applications. Biolife has produced and sold over 5 million applications of the
technology to leading hospitals, occupational workplaces, professional sports teams and
consumers across the country.

Advisory Boards
Biolife has advisory boards for each key business segment.   These groups provide insights
and objective feedback that guide our product development and commercialization.  

Regulatory Status

Biolife has FDA (510k) clearance to market our products in the U.S.  The products have
passed all required safety, toxicity and biocompatibility testing.  As new healthcare indications
emerge, we are preparing and submitting additional 510k filings as required.  For more
information on our regulatory status, please contact us at


The patent for the technology was filed on February 9, 2000.  The patent number is
6,187,347.  Other US and International Patents Pending.
Charlie Entenmann
The Late
John "Alf" Thompson
The Late
James Patterson
Board of Directors
Ed Bavaria – Chairman
Charlie Entenmann
Bob Reding
Joanne Reding
Sam Shake
Bill Bold

Tim Kelly
Management Team

Sam Shake –
President and CEO

Tim Kelly -
Executive Vice President

Andrew McFall -
Vice President of

Kelly Keene -
Director of R&D

Michele Slingluff -
Chief Financial Officer

Roger Thomas -
Strategic Support
Empowering The World
With A Revolutionary Powder
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